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Adv. Sofia Sheinker

Adv. Sheinker joined Ivtsan–Netzer–Wolecki & Co. Law Offices in 2015, initially as an intern and thereafter as a lawyer in the real estate department.

Adv. Sheinker is engaged in a variety of real estate transactions alongside matters of law of succession and civil and commercial litigation.

As part of its activities in Russia, she has provided legal services for business and private-owned companies and other organizations and handled transactions in a variety of areas such as labor law, commerce, real estate and more. In addition, Adv. Sheinker has experience in civil, commercial and family matters and law of succession in Russia.

Adv. Sheinker has a master degree (cum laude) in law from the State Academy of Law in Russia (LL.M) and admitted to the Israel Bar in 2016.

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