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עו"ד אמיר איבצן

Adv. Amir Ivtsan

Founding Partner and Director

Adv. Ivtsan is a founding partner and manager and has extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in all aspects of litigation and commercial law, resulting from more than 20 years spent representing and providing routine legal support to entrepreneurs, leading businessmen and prominent companies, Israeli and foreign, in connection with their business and commercial activity in and outside Israel.

Adv. Ivtsan is well acquainted with the Israeli business community and provides his clients with comprehensive multi-disciplinary counseling combining practical business knowledge and economic understanding based on his many years of counseling leading clients in the business sector for the purpose of achieving the best possible results.

Adv. Ivtsan has special expertise in the field of company law litigation (with an emphasis on disputes in start-up companies and stock exchange companies and disputes between shareholders, directors and officers), in the field of infrastructure and the execution of wide-scale contracting projects, in the field of tenders and in the field of enforcement and compliance (FCPA).

Adv. Ivtsan provides legal support to businessmen and companies in Israel and overseas on all legal aspects of their commercial activity, including investment in ventures, investment in real estate overseas, investment in start-up companies and accompaniment and investigations in the areas of compliance. He formerly served as legal counsel of the Contractors Association’s contractual contractors’ sector and as a special investigator for the Registrar of Amutot.

Adv. Ivtsan was a combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force and actively served in the Reserve (Lieutenant Colonel Reserve) for dozens of years. The values inculcated in him during his years of military service – initiative, assertiveness, flexible thinking, making brave decisions and taking responsibility are implemented by him in his routine professional activity, as finds expression in the court results and transactions handled by him.

Adv. Ivtsan is a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Law Faculty (1989) (LLB) and was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1990 after doing his internship at Dr. J. Segev & Co., Law Offices.

Adv. Ivtsan is currently completing his MA studies (Tel Aviv University) in history of the ancient world.

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