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Office Profile

Ivtsan – Netzer – Wolecki & Co., Law Offices, which was founded in 1996, is a “boutique” firm that provides a wide variety of legal services while maintaining the highest professional standards and offers its clients’ current legal solutions characterized by original and creative thought.

The firm’s team includes top-notch lawyers with extensive legal and business knowledge in a wide variety of commercial fields. The firm combines vast experience and expertise in all levels of commercial law and litigation with in-depth economic knowledge and understanding and a long-term intimate familiarity with the business community in Israel, with the aim of providing its clients with comprehensive and multi-disciplinary legal support for their business activity in Israel and overseas. The firm specializes in civil litigation, commercial law, intellectual property, real estate and company law.

The firm’s client list is a testament to its professional abilities and includes, inter alia, well-known and leading companies, entrepreneurs, developers and businessmen in the Israeli economy and in private and government organizations, including the State of Israel, as well as international companies which are prominent and well-known in the global economy.

Ivtsan – Netzer – Wolecki & Co., Law Offices has many years of professional experience in the thorough legal handling of commercial transactions and in the management of thousands of civil/commercial law cases before all the Israeli legal instances. Over the years, the firm’s productive activity has resulted in the creation of well-known precedents that have influenced, and are influencing, Israeli law to this day.

Of paramount importance to the firm’s lawyers is the client’s best interests and objects, and they devote most of their attention and resources to handling each client on an individual basis. The firm’s clients benefit from the personal, close and comprehensive legal support of the firm’s team and from the backing of a skilled logistical team that offers them an attentive ear and maximum access for their needs.

Since 2007, Ivtsan – Netzer – Wolecki & Co., Law Offices has collaborated professionally with the law firm of Hanni Rosenzweig & Co., which specializes in intellectual property, with the aim of providing its clients with a comprehensive solution in this field, from the registration of trade marks and designs in Israel and overseas to the enforcement of intellectual property rights through the firm’s litigation department. 

Ha’hashmonaim Tower, 100 Ha’hashmonaim Street, POB 20651, Tel Aviv 61201, Israel | Tel: 03-5611199 | Fax: 03-5611299 | Email: office@ifnlaw.co.il